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October 18, 2016

Autumn in Coastal Maine

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It’s been a long time between posts, so a hearty thank you to all of you for staying with me. A very busy summer found me sailing up and down the Maine coast from Portland to Bar Harbor with lots of stops in the charming villages in between. Now I’m back on the island, happily looking out the window of my tiny office at the magnificent foliage. I love the way the scarlet, gold, and yellow leaves pop against the evergreens and gray-blue water. Fog is moving in as I write…fog, of course, being a common occurrence when you live on an island…and much as I love sunny fall days, I’m hoping some rain moves in behind it. At this point, the entire coast needs a good downpour

A basket of fall flowers brightens an autumn day.  Photo (c) Karen Hammond

A basket of fall flowers brightens an autumn day.
Photo (c) Karen Hammond

As it always does at this time of year, the island has grown quiet again now that the last summer people have returned to the mainland. I’m always amused at the summer residents and visitors who rave about island life but then say they could never live here in the winter–“too cold,” “too isolated,” “nothing to do.” Oh well, it’s our little secret how lovely it is here as the seasons change and how peaceful it is when the snow flies! And as for the “nothing to do”….I can only wish!
Enjoy your fall, and if you are planning to come to Maine, now is a great time. The weather has been mild, the crowds of tourists have departed, and it’s a great time to poke through our scenic villages and walk along deserted beaches. Enjoy!


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